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A few words about me



I have had a fondness for Nature for as long as I can remember. I was raised in the countryside, observing the little things of life. Making wooden dens and playing adventures were part of my daily routine. I would disappear for the whole day, clambering through woods, in spite of my parents being worried sick… The impulse was too great to be resisted; I simply had to go back for another breath of fresh air. As far as I am concerned, simple things are often the best and nature is the ideal place to recharge your batteries. I feel at home in wide open spaces, this is why I specialised in landscape photography, as well as wedding photography. I enjoy conveying the authenticity of the bride and groom, being surrounded by spectacular landscapes. I also enjoy making the most of the weather showing a bit of temper, or marvel at the view from a mountain peak. Images enable memory mechanisms, as they reflect our emotions, reminding us how important every moment is. Trust is the core of my services. Whether you need me for your wedding or a photo-reportage, you can always rely on me, my professionalism and my support. Life is full of unforeseen events, sometimes impossible to control, and I always take to heart to adapt to your needs and reassure you throughout your project.

Simplicity // Trust // Connection
— Patrice Mestari
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Customers who trusted me



Crédit Agricole Pacifica Assurance - Ceva Group - Experience Scotland - KnowWare - Tourist Office of Pralognan la Vanoise - Tourist Office of Courchevel - Savoie Mont Blanc Tourisme - General Council of Haute-Savoie - Refuge of lacs Merlet - Refuge of La Soldanelle - Tarare - Valsonne - Saint-Clément-sur-Valsonne - Scottish Field - Lyon Capitale - Compétence Photo - Savoir tout faire en Photographie - Tirage Pro - Net à Porter - Route Marine - La Cueva de Los flamencos - Eric Bompart - Pamplemouse Communication - Napapijri - Chamendi - Chanel - Evian, etc.

Photo-coverage for " Courchevel "

Photo-coverage for "Courchevel"

Photo-coverage for " Experience Scotland "

Photo-coverage for "Experience Scotland"

Photo-coverage for " E-City Chauffeur "

Photo-coverage for "E-City Chauffeur"

Photo-coverage for " Courchevel "

Photo-coverage for "Courchevel"



My Photographic Events



2015 December - April 2016 : La Croisette - 73120 Courchevel resort 1850 (FRANCE) Information
2015 July - August : Wild – Merlet lakes mountain hut – Vanoise massif – 73120 Courchevel resort 1650 (FRANCE)
2015 June from 12th to 14th : Wild – Coeur de France festival – Ainay-le-Vieil castle– Rue de Drevant – 18200 Ainay-le-Vieil (FRANCE)
2015 May from 08th  to 10th : Wild – CAL room – Rue de la corvée – 25290 Ornans (FRANCE)
2015 March from 27th to 29th : Scotland – Saint-Joseph college – 3 bis rue du lycée, 01000 Bourg-en-Bresse (FRANCE)
2014 December from 29th to 10th January 2015 : Scotland – Boesner store – 116 bis rue Marietton – 69130 Ecully (FRANCE) 
2014 October from 6th to 25th : TarArts – Pictures from the Art festival of Tarare town  – Jacques Perrin cinema – 69170 Tarare (FRANCE)
2014 September from 20th to 21st September – Scotland – Nature photography festival of Barr (5th year) – Town hall – 67140 Barr (FRANCE)
2014 June from 13th to 20th August – The Green Beaujolais and its region  – Le St-Clément hotel and restaurant – 69170 Saint-Clément-sur-Valsonne (FRANCE)
2014 June from 21st to 25th July – TarArts – Pictures from the Art festival of Tarare town – Tarare Ninkasi brewery – 69170 Tarare (FRANCE)
2014 May from 16th to 20th June – TarArts – Pictures from the Art festival of Tarare town – Tarare mediateque – 69170 Tarare (FRANCE)
2014 February from 26th to 09th April – Lafuma – Lafuma store – Rue Victor Lafuma – 26140 Anneyron (FRANCE)
2013 November from 21st to 24th – Les Cyprès chauves (Picture selected by "Photographe pour la vie" voluntary association) – Montier-en-Der Festival– 52220 Montier-en-Der (FRANCE)
2013 November from 07th to 11th – Gods territory (Picture selected by Canon France) – Paris photography festival – Paris Expo – Porte de Versailles  - 75015 Paris (FRANCE)
2013 September from 20th to 22nd – Scotland – Nature photography festival of Barr (4th year) – Town hall – 67140 Barr (FRANCE)
2013 August from 23rd to 25th – Scotland – Foyer Municipal – Place Général de Gaulle – 71130 Gueugnon (FRANCE)  Video on local French TV
2012 November from 08th to 12th : Way to paradise (Picture selected by Canon France) – Paris photography festival – Paris Expo – Porte de Versailles  - 75015 Paris (FRANCE)
2013 June - June 2013 – Anger and Fragility – La Soldanelle mountain hut – Col de l’Arzelier – 38650 Château-Bernard (FRANCE) Information
2012 March from 3rd to 16th – From the Lyonnese mountains to the Alpes – Town hall - 69490  Saint-Forgeux (FRANCE)
2010 June - September : Wild moments – Photostage gallery – 1, rue Camille Jordan – 69001 Lyon (FRANCE)



Few publications



2018 May: Cover for Compétence Photo magazine and many pictures. Ref: n°64
2016 February: Cover for Scottish Field magazine. Ref : February
2016 January: Cover for Scottish Field magazine. Ref : January
2015 June: Double page on global warming for Lyon Capitale magazine. Ref : n°745
2015 May: Double page for Savoie-Mont-Blanc magazine. Ref :  Emotions n° 13
2015 May: Cover and some pictures for Lyon Capitale magazine. Ref :  n°744
2015 March: Interview for Led Lenser France
2015 January: Cover and some pictures for Altus Magazine : Ref : January
2014 May: Double page for Tarare magazine. Ref : Texto n°29
2014 January: Some pictures for Altus Magazine. Ref : January
2013 December: Cover, double page and some pictures for Alpes Loisirs. Ref : n°82
2013 August: Interview for Tirage Pro. Presentation of my work and future events. Read ITW.
2012 November: Cover and 22 pages about landscape photography techniques for Compétence Photo magazine. Written and illustrated by me. Ref : n°31
2012 September:  Some pictures for Savoir tout faire en photographie. Article on the wild animals portraits. Written and illustrated by me. Ref : Special issue n°1
2012 June: Some pictures for Savoir tout faire en photographie. ITW and articles on the tempête and on the fog. Written and illustrated by me.Ref : Special issue n°3
2011 September: Picture for Image & Nature. Ref : n° 46
2011 August: Picture for Image & Nature. Ref : n° 44