The Scottish Highlands In Campervan


Patrice Mestari - Travel and Wedding Photographer based in Edinburgh, Scotland

I love northern Scotland.  The Highlands are so empty … there is nothing to see except incredibly beautiful and wild nature. The clouds hang over the mountains, which gives very dark atmosphere. I like to lose myself in the receding valleys where hidden deer revel themselves. Atdusk or early in the morning, you might be lucky and see hundreds of deer.

I suggested my friend Régis and his family discover this still unknown area of Scotland. We traveled together for 5 days: a sublime journey with incredible weather conditions. It was a perfect opportunity to try out my new drone. I hope you enjoy a beautiful adventure as you travel through my images. Know, I would love to read your comments at the bottom of the article. Thanks !

Location: Scotland | Highland
With: Juliette, Charlotte, Antoine and my friend Régis. 
In addition to being my friend, Régis  is my printer for FineArt prints:

Thanks to Robyn for this beautiful translation